20 July 2017 - Council of FENStatS

20th Jul 2017

Council of FENStatS

will take place at the 61st. World Statistics Congress, Marrakech, 20. July 2017

The initial founding period, which allowed FENStatS to reach the relevant and stable number of 21 associations, is now completed and therefore we can proceed to the renew of the positions recalling that, according to statutes, the term of office of the members of the Executive committee is not renewable, except for the Webmaster.

Agenda Marrakech 20.7.2017, h: 12.30-14.00 (meeting room to be comunicated from ISI)
  1. Welcome and approval of the agenda;
  2. Round Table for introduction of the Council members;
  3. Election of the Officers of the Federation*
    3.1 Candidatures for the President;
          Candidatures for the Secretary General;
          Candidatures for the Treasurer;
          Candidature for Webmaster.
    3.2 Data of the ballot with an electronic vote
  4. Activities
    4.1 Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, 2018: Call for proposals of organizing CESS2018;
    4.2 The "European Statistics Day", 20.10.2017 LISBON (approved by ESAC and Eurostat);
  5. ECAS;
  6. Committee of European Statistics accreditation;
  7. letter to ERC: how to proceed;
  8. Other Items;
  9. Next Council meeting

(*) Procedure from Statutes: candidates to any position of the officers shall be nominated by at least one the Member Society of the Federation (art 11.4). Associations can start to send to me candidatures. Please, note that: the Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Webmaster may be elected from the Council members or from outside of the Council (Art 11.5). The incoming President is elected from the members of the Council. Please confirm me or send me the new member representing your Society.