The Federation of European National Statistical Societies
Professional Accreditation

In October 2016 FenStatS formed a committee for the creation of an accreditation system, to be adopted by FenStatS members. The committee is working on a draft proposal to be presented during 2017 on a comparable level as PStat (Amstat) or Chartered Statistican (RSS).

The committee is chaired by Magnus Pettersson, Swedish Statistical Association. +46 (0)31 703 73 77
The other members in the committee are:
  • Arne Bathke, Austria
  • Luigi Pieri, Italy,
  • Sebestien Marque, France,
  • Paul Koopman, The Netherlands,
  • Dominik Rozkrut, Poland,
  • Gerardo Sanz Saiz, Spain,
  • Feridum Turkman, Portugal.