The first European Statistics Day

20th Oct 2016
European Statistics Day
October 20th, 2016

Here are a few words of Walter Radermacher, Director General of Eurostat:

"The European statistical community aims at raising awareness of European citizens to the importance and value of official statistics for our society. To function correctly, modern democratic societies must be underpinned by a solid base of reliable, objective statistics. Decision-makers at EU level, in the Member States, in local authorities and in businesses need statistics in order to make better decisions which ultimately improve everyone's lives. More generally, all citizens in a democratic society need statistics to assess the performance of our decision-makers. Independent, impartial, reliable and accessible data free of charge for everyone has thus become an essential feature of European society."

Maurizio Vichi, President of FENStatS, gives three reasons why we need to have a European Statistics Day:

  • The first relevant reason is to create collaborations between Statistics Stakeholders. Users, producers and methodologists of statistics must collaborate, since the Society is quickly changing, under the internet and IT innovations and stakeholders have to help each other to identify the needs of information, the best practices of production and the most innovative methodologies easy to interpret.
  • Second reason for having a European Statistics Day is:
    - to give the opportunity to the Citizens to recall the use of data and statistics for decision-making;
    - to be aware that statistics is used every day and permeates different activities of the daily live;
    - to be conscious that official statistics is the fundamental tool for the democratic governance, and learn about for the day-by-day work of the statistical institutions
    - to recall to be collaborative with statistical institutions in providing information.
  • Third reason for proposing a European Statistics Day is:
    - to give an opportunity to the producers of statistics to promote the use and retain trust of official statistics;
    - to recall the fundamental mission to satisfies the needs of information and transforming user needs into measurable concepts
    - to promote statistical literacy.

    More information about European Statistical Day you can find on the webpages of Eurostat or European Statistical System.