International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Bradley Efron

12th Nov 2018

International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Bradley Efron

Once again the International Prize in Statistics is celebrating and honouring the remarkable contributions to the world of an outstanding statistician. The insight and ingenuity of Professor Efron in creating the bootstrap produced a statistical sciences breakthrough that has impacted, and continues to impact, statistical methodologies and practice and hence everywhere where analysis of data and quantifying uncertainty are needed. The bootstrap has opened frontiers in statistics, empowering complex real problem-solving across disciplines and influencing statistical thinking in every way including new pathways in how we communicate and teach statistics to all.

ISI is proud to be in partnership with ASA, IBS, IMS and RSS in the International Prize in Statistics Foundation. The International Prize in Statistics recognizes a major achievement of an individual or team in the field of statistics and promotes understanding of the growing importance and diverse ways statistics, data analysis, probability and the understanding of uncertainty advance society, science, technology and human welfare.

ISI calls on all disciplines, business, industry, government and society, to acclaim the statistical achievements that advance the world in understanding, analysing and quantifying data, variation and uncertainty, and join in congratulating Professor Efron as the second winner of the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in Statistics.

Helen MacGillivray
ISI President

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