Bayes by the Sea: Conference and Summer School, Ancona, Italy, July 24-25 2020.

24th Jul 2020

Bayes by the Sea: Conference and Summer School

The third edition of the Bayes By the Sea conference will take place between July 24. - 25. 2020 in Ancona, Italy.
The Bayes By the Sea conference: “Rationality and Strategic Interaction in the Sciences” aims to bring together philosophers of statistics and of the scientific method, methodologists and metascientists, as well as economists and game-theorists, in order to refresh the debate on the foundations of the sciences from new perspectives, with a special focus on scientific rationality, scientific misconduct, science economics, foundations of statistics and the scientific method, in diverse scientific ecosystems characterized by distinctive practices, structures, and institutions.

A special attention will be devoted this year also to evidence in legal settings and the forensic sciences (medical forensics, statistical forensics, computational and digital forensics, litigation science, etc.).

​ We welcome contributions from: (Formal/Social) Epistemology, Philosophy and Foundations of Statistics, Metascience and Scientific Methodology, (Epistemic) Game Theory, Decision Theory, Forensic Sciences, (Information) Economics.

​ Francesco De Pretis, Emanuele Frontoni, Maria Laura Ilardo, Barbara Osimani, William Peden

More relevant information, including a call for abstracts and papers can be found on: